Very Good Ideas

We have set up this site to promote the Good Ideas of ourselves and others

Why 'Very Good Ideas'? Because someone already has the 'Good Ideas' URL!

Other Peoples' Good Ideas »

Below we list some ideas which we admire. Again we intend to detail these ideas with links to relevant sites.

Interactive assistance for problem solving

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud computing


SharePoint for collaboration and document repository


'The Long Tail'

'Trust Agents'

Interactive banking

'The Last One'(a Program Generator before its time)

Green energy

Price comparison sites


'The Skeptical Environmentalist'

A bonus for maintenance personnel on a production line provided the line keeps running

In a customer role only refer a decision upwards if you cannot say 'Yes'

Operational Research

Method study 

Murphy's Law

Say no to 0870

iPhone and Android apps

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