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We have set up this site to promote the Good Ideas of ourselves and others

Why 'Very Good Ideas'? Because someone already has the 'Good Ideas' URL!

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Lottery Analysis Program

We have set up a UK Lotto analysis program - this analyses all triples (max occurrences 10), all quadruples (max occurrences 4) and all quintuples (max occurrences 2).

Memories of the Coronation

We created a site in 2012 to record people's memories of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. If you or your parents or grand-parents have any memories, please contribute. It is a fairly easy blog to use. Go to

Robin's Ideas Blog 

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We hope that you gain something from this site

The organisation is as follows:

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We are offering consultancy support in the following areas:

An independent assessor

A business auditor (procedural not financial)

Mentor assistance

Project management and problem solving

Ideas generation

Assistance in assessing disaster recovery plans

We are happy to promote your very good ideas.


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