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Silver Surfer Support


For about a year I have been acting as a Digital Champion Volunteer in my local library for 3 hours a week.


The clients are able to bring their own laptops or tablets or Ipads or use the library's laptop.


This gave me an idea - a lot of these people are of a certain age and new technology has passed them by. Their children or grand children do not have the patience to help them solve their problems.


What sort of problems do they have?

  • Suitability of their hardware
  • Switching on their laptop and logging in
  • Connecting to WiFi
  • Connecting to Printers
  • Obtaining Virus Protection
  • Organising files
  • Using word processor and spreadsheet software
  • Buying (shopping on-line, electricity and insurance), selling, doing things on-line
  • Booking holidays, flights and hotels
  • Setting up email accounts and sending and receiving emails


So in West Worcestershire, UK, I am offering a service to people with these problems. I will visit them in their homes or businesses and assess their problem - this visit will be free and then I will charge £25 per hour.


If you are interested please phone Robin on +44 1886 853295 or email

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