Very Good Ideas

We have set up this site to promote the Good Ideas of ourselves and others

Why 'Very Good Ideas'? Because someone already has the 'Good Ideas' URL!

Our Old ideas »

Below we list our old ideas and will explain these in more detail on subsequent pages as time permits:

Hyde Park dog walking agency

A telephone help line for individual's IT problems

Hybrid horticultural packaging

Computer dating

Independent supermarket price comparison site 

Geothermal energy and heat pumps

Solar energy as seen in Cyprus

Chain telephone dialing 

Travelling salesman problem solution

A jolly - meaning enjoying ones self at the company's expense

Early Adoption »

Below is a list of items which we adopted early:

Use of ATM

Programming for problem solving

Use of Torch Computers for telecomms

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Keyboard Familiarisation Download»

This program was developed by us using BBC Basic to allow someone who was a novice to practise the use of keys on the UK keyboard - it goes through all the commonly used characters in a gradual manner and then gives a random selection of characters - it counts the errors and records how long this takes. It works on Windows PCs and Laptops.

This program was also developed by us using BBC Basic. This version analyses all the triples or quadruples or quintules in a list of all results.

Lottery Analysis Program Download»

Below are more detailed instructions on how to run the program and obtain your own  Lottery.txt file.